Ruadh Stac – A seldom visited peak in the Cuillin

A new blog post at last!

Skye has had stunning weather in the last 2 – 3 weeks, and there have been many climbers visiting the Cuillin also, some notable successes including several fast ridge traverses, 2nd ascents of both White Wedding (IV) and Icicle Factory (VI), several new routes also reported.

So to take advantage of the fine weather myself and Suilven took a run along Glen Sligachan and then ascended Ruadh Stac, which is one of the few parts of the Cuillin I have never set foot before. It feels very remote, and there is litttle sign of the passing of feet here, and although it stands at only 493M it feels very lofty as the ground falls away on 3 sides very steeply for 400M to the floor of the Glen.

Just below the snow line I could see a possible return route across the hillside to the East of Marsco, so making more of a loop. This was a severe test of contouring ability, with several slabby sections to negotiate, and many steep sided riverbeds to cross. Finally coming to the flat Mam a Phobuill, and an easier descent back to the main path through the Glen.

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