Sgurr na Feartaig

In Winter I have visited the north facing corrie a number of times, mostly in murky conditions. A number of very fine ice climbs are here. However I have never been up to the summit nor really seen the views to the wilderness to the South. The last trip to the area had been with Garry in June (here –, and the cloud had been down, but it had given me the idea.
After the path leaves the fine estate track it follows a really nice stalkers route, fairly dry, all the way to the foretop before descending slightly and bypassing the large summit cairn. After a quick break it was onwards along the undulating summit ridge with excellent running terrain, smooth grass and mossy. The path then descends in long zigs and zags and meets the other path coming up from Achnashellach. This descent, as I had remembered from Winter, is not a good path. It has fallen into disrepair and is boggy and deeply rutted, not ideal for a quick run down. But once back in the valley it is an easy jog back to Craig.

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