Bealach na Sgairne and Gleann Lichd

With my brother, Willie. I was keen to go out on an adventure with Willie, him on his MTB and me on foot running. I had heard it was possible to bike this route but not really knowing how Willie would get on because we hadnt done this kind of trip before.
We walked up the big climb, Willie carrying his bike mostly, so that was fine, and I promised him the rest was ‘easy’ and downhill. And so it was the next few KM passed quickly once the boggy area had been passed. Then a punchure, and a 20 minute delay. Also the path was relentless for Willie with large drain ‘gaps’ too big to hop over, and the fear of another punchure.
We reached the bridge near Alltbeithe and got onto a better track, all the way to Camban where we had a look inside. Both agreed it was a good bothy. Then relentless ups and downs and rough pathage again slowing down the MTB.
A pause for photos before the final drop into Glen Lichd, we walked down about 100M or so then Willie mounted his bike and got a good descent in, then it was an easy 7km back along the flats to the start.

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1 Response to Bealach na Sgairne and Gleann Lichd

  1. Gaga says:

    That’ll be the last time Willie goes out with you then!!

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