Naismith’s Route, Basteir Tooth

Wednesday evening and the car temperature gauge is telling us it’s 28C. For the Isle of Skye this is hot! The plan was for Ian, Archie and I to nip up Fionn Coire and traverse the Tooth and Am Basteir and be down in good time. Leaving the road at 5 we were up at the base for 7. It is an intimidating spot but with warm dry rock it is also inviting to climb here, as the evening sun turns the rock a warm colour, different from the usual dark cold look that the Cuillin can project. In the end Archie had second thoughts about climbing so he elected to go round Am Basteir and meet us as we topped out. The climb went well, until the part when I realized that the protection that was there last time I climbed the route was now gone – A flake has broken off. Nothing for it but to make the moves very carefully and arrange the sling over a spike higher up. Ian followed the route in good style and was very pleased to have bagged another Cuillin.

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