Attempt to run the ‘Fisherfield six’

Things don’t always go as planned in the NW Highlands. I had planned the Fisherfield six as a perfect day out, and imagined getting some nice panorama pictures from the summit of A’Mhaighdean. The idea had been to start at Corrie Hallie and run to Shenavall then start the loop with Ruadh Stac Mor, finishing approx 8 hours later.
During the drive North, the mountains around Achnasheen and Applecross had looked clear of cloud, and so I had thought that the weather would improve as the day went on. However after Garve the Fannichs were capped by thick cloud, and driving towards Dundonnell I could not see anything of An Teallach. Sure enough there were light rain showers from the start, not too bad a low level and good for keeping cool. There was brightness around though and arriving at the bothy at Shenavall, the Beinn Deargs looked to be clearing. After crossing the Sealga Bog, I thought to myself ‘at least I don’t have to come back that way’! Indeed I did however have to make the return over the bog.
Gleann na Muice Beag was great running along a well created path, nice and dry, and here the sun made an appearance, and the mountains started to clear of cloud – I assumed that it was the normal afternoon nice weather that had arrived and that the rest of the day would be warm and sunny. Not to be because an hour later the westerlies brought in more rain, and the cloud base dropped again. We made good time up to the summit of Ruadh Stac Mor, but was in the cloud, temperatures had dropped and it was windy and wet. Wearing only running gear I was getting chilled quickly and decided to make the return by the same route back to Shenavall.
The rain didnt let up for about an hour or so until we were back at the river crossings, and the bog. The mountains stayed immersed in thick cloud. So will have to come back another time.


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