Scottish Nature Photography Awards

I am pleased to announce that I have won 2nd place – Landscapes, at the Scottish Nature Photography Awards. The picture is of Fuar Tholl and the Mainreachan buttress, in full winter conditions. Taken from a low viewpoint beside a snow bank.
There are some great photos selected as winners and runners-up. Of course the winner is Marcus Conway with a picture of an otter – otters are really hard to photograph close up so well done. The Landscape winning shot is taken in Glencoe and is a stunning black and white. I also like the winning picture of the Botanical catagory, taken in Torrin I think – Clach Glas is recognisable in the background.
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2 Responses to Scottish Nature Photography Awards

  1. Good work, and well done.

  2. ian jeffrey says:

    nice 1 Col:) When are you celebrating??

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