8th Nov, Glen Torridon – Celtic Boulders

It was a great day in the NW, clear sky and warm sunshine together with the rich colours of Autumn. I was to meet Guy up in Torridon just after midday. He turned up having just soloed the Cioch Nose route in Applecross. Keen to do more rock we went to the Ship Rock, where he climbed ‘North Face Direct’ – font 5+. And then on to ‘Dandy Don’s’ – font 6b. A quick romp up Squelch, font 6c. Malcolm’s Arete was the main target, at font 7a+ (possibly harder with the broken hold?). Guy tried a few times but decided to come back another day. A mate of Guy’s turned up, Dave Macleod, who had been climbing on the rocks higher up Liathach. He had a go and climbed the Arete in fine style. Here are some pics from the day. (Hi Jim if you are reading – sorry I didnt have time to call in for a visit).

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