George, Liathach, 12th Feb

Myself and Ian Jeffrey went to Torridon to see if there was any ice climbs in condition. We went round the back of Liathach and there was not much blue ice to see anywhere in Coire Dubh Beag or in Coire Dubh Mor. The lines of Poachers and Umbrella look almost complete with ‘grey’ ice and there is also much snow covering the ice. It would need a week of cold weather I think, and then they would be worth a look. We went to climb George III,4 which we havn’t climbed before. Just as we were starting 2 climbers arrived at our belay. They were Alan Gorman and Andrew, Alan who I have climbed with about 10 years ago so it was good to see them and we climbed together for half the route. Alan and Andrew went ahead of us as they were climbing faster and knew the route. Also we were passed by 2 other climbers cruising the route. We finished up over the summit of Spidean a Coire Leith, and descended via ‘way up’, the grade 1 easy gully. There were a father and son team in the corrie and they had just climbed Spidean Way, I think.

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