Sgurr na Feartaig, Dec 27th

On Monday 27th, Ian picked me up and it was looing a bit warm, 7 degrees. But as soon as we were over the hill along Loch Carron it was about freezing and there was still plenty snow by the roads. We headed up the snowy trail to Sgurr na Feartaig after crossing the river. There is much more thaw going on up higher above the valley. There is plenty of ice on all the routes here, but also alot of snow covering the easier angled ice. I had a look at the stonker but backed off the first pitch, (steep and thin with alot of water). So we climbed up and did the right hand side of High Flier IV,4, it felt harder than that with the wet and soggy ice! Or maybe because I havn’t climbed ice for a while. Anyway, well done to Ian, his first grade 4, and second ever Winter route.

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