Coire Scamadal Ice climbs

I heard Mike Lates and Beads were in Coire Scamadal today (Wed 8th) so I thought I would try and get some photos. There were 2 others in the Coire (Doug Hawthorn and Ewen Todd – get in touch with your Email if you want pics guys). I think they were on a new route 50M left of the fine line calling it Greymane wall V,4. It looked much harder than that from below but I havn’t climbed for a while! The pictures are all zoomable if you want to look closer at the ice, and Mike has named some of the routes when you click on the photos – I dinnt even know you could do that. (Mike is a social networking whizz)

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One Response to Coire Scamadal Ice climbs

  1. mike lates says:

    Hi Col
    great selection of shots. Doug Hawthorn and Ewan Todd are the guys climbing Greymane Wall, possibly V,4. I’ll work through and label the others soon.
    Great shot of Beads too!

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