Coire a Basteir, Northern Cuillin

This is my first blog, first post.

I am going to record my trips out this Winter, and thereafter.  Winter walking, climbing, photography and family treks.

Coire a Bastier was a tough walk up (3 hours), with a foot of snow at road level and up to thigh deep in the coire.  Some localised patches of soft slab forming.  Ian who is new to Winter climbing, it was his first day out using the rope etc so we climbed a 2 pitch grade 3 at the back of the coire to get used to using the rope and gear.  My first video also, usually I prefer stills but I am keen to try moving pictures too.

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3 Responses to Coire a Basteir, Northern Cuillin

  1. Paddy says:

    A peg? On a two pitch, grade III? Is this the same Colin who led George and I up Point Five without a single runner as far as I can remember? Good to see you back on the ice Colin and remember we have an appointment with March Hare’s Gully. All the best. Paddy

    • Only a true mountain scavenger could have picked up on the word ‘peg’ through the maelstrom of a spindrift avalanch. The peg was retrieved im afraid. I am trying to be more responsible with runners in the hope that Ian will learn to lead well and then I can just do everything on a top rope!!
      March Hare before the new year I rec?


      • Paddy says:

        I’d be up for that. Certainly looks as if the cold spell is set to last well into next week after a bit of a thaw at the end of this.

        All the best


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